1. Rose from the Bayou

Rose from the Bayou is a novel centered in New Orleans during the 1990's. It is a dark and unthinkable tale of friendship between Scarlet Rose Laveau and Koral Baptiste. This sinister journey between two young and beautiful women spirals out of control in an inconceivable way. Hold on to the edge of your mind as Scarlet and Koral create a web of love, lies, and the ultimate betrayal. 
Is there such a thing as unconditional love? Find out as these two tests the depths of the true meaning.

Taking the reader on a whirlwind of action, emotion, reality and unexpected twists, the author, presents the darker sides of thought, the spirit world, and life. Spoken through the eyes of the lead character, clarity in ones deepest desires are scene in a very different light. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Time and sleepy eyes are the only things that kept me away. This is a moving, suspenseful, and beautifully tragic story.



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